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AA gaming upgrade list?

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by LarryinNYC, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. LarryinNYC

    LarryinNYC Reader


    Writing to ask your opinion on whether or not something funky was going up with the upgrade list.

    Flew out of Hong Kong to Dallas Fort Worth on December 20, was #3 on upgrade list as Exec Plat with $20k EQD. Only 1 empty seat in J when I checked in, first class is all full.

    30 minutes before the flight, #1 on upgrade list clears. So does #10, #11, #12, #13.

    Since there was only 1 J seat left, I rule out the case of J being overbooked (or else #1 would not even clear the list).

    This cofounds logic in 2 ways - first, how did #10 - #13 jump the queue to get upgraded from Y to J (since F was full). Second, assuming for a second that 4 F seats were empty that #10-13 get upgraded from J to F, I should logically assume therefore that 4 J seats would open up. It therefore stands to reason that #2, #3 (me), #4 and #5 on the upgrade list would then be cleared.
    However, that was not the case and that was how the upgrade list stood at takeoff.

    AA has responded via Customer Relations to say that they "have reviewed their paperwork and they do not see any violations". I've pushed for an explanation that would satisfy my curiosity but have not received an answer - I can only assume that something fishy was going on and would like to get your input on what actually happened.
  2. rickyw

    rickyw Well-Known Member

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    TPG wrote about this a few months ago

    Definitely seems fishy, but not sure what recourse you'd have. Sounds like the most logical answer is that the two upgrade lists were combined (econ to biz and biz to first). But, if that was the case then, as you say, why didn't 3 more biz class seats open up.

    Do you have photos of the upgrade clear list or are you going entirely off memory? Especially given your status with AA, I think you'd be able to politely request some compensation.
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  3. LarryNYC

    LarryNYC New Member

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    Unfortunately going off memory. AA responded with "Although we appreciated the deductions you've made regarding the available Business and First class seats on the flight in questions, we're unable to confirm what happened because it's impossible to re-create every circumstance that was present at that time...because of the ever changing variables that come into play with upgrades on each flight, occasional mistakes can and do happen...although we have a strict policy against sharing international information involving our personnel, you can be sure that any evidence of irregularity involving the upgrade process is investigated and firmly addressed"

    Strange that they brought up the word "personnel", I never mentioned anything about personnel. Sounds to me like they upgraded some employees traveling on leisure but baffled that they're able to leapfrog Exec Plats (folks that have cleared the $12k EQD spend by miles).