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AA: infant in seat with upgrade possibility strategy/question

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by KTL30, Jul 28, 2018.

  1. KTL30

    KTL30 New Member

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    Hey All,
    Not point related, but I couldn’t find anything on FT.
    My wife, daughter (will be 22 months at flight) and I will be traveling domestically and one way Y fares are pretty cheap, so I was thinking of buying three Y seats. I’m AA PlatPro and this route/time leave us in a decent spot for upgrades. I believe I can split the reservation, so the three of us can clear individually.
    My Q: if I split the reservation, can I remove the upgrade request for my daughter, so if my wife and I clear, our daughter would turn into a lap infant in F, and there would be an extra seat for her Y (we’d obviously let the FAs know to not throw off the counts, and scan three boarding passes)? Is this how it would work, or (am I missing something and) should I just keep it simple for this 2.5 hour flight and enjoy our own row in Y?