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Great Fares / Hot Deals Amazing BA First fare

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Mark Sward, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. Mark Sward

    Mark Sward Reader

    Just bought a one-way ticket from Harare to Dublin via Johannesburg and Heathrow in BA First for US$1566, which seems like a pretty unbelievable fare. It's only a few dollars more than Club and it's actually less than PY.

    This appears to be available only on departures from Zimbabwe (HRE or VFA) flying in Club on BA (operated by Comair) or SAA business class to JNB, on BA's A380 or 747 in First to Heathrow, and then on to various destinations in Europe, including Dublin, Brussels, Madrid, Rome, Berlin, Frankfurt and several others, in BA Club World. From what I can see, this fare is available for pretty much all dates.

    To sweeten the deal, the ticket is fully refundable minus a $75 fee.

    While Zimbabwe has been in the throes of political and financial crisis for a number of years now, it is a relatively safe and extremely friendly place to visit, and the tourist infrastructure in Victoria Falls is good. Not to mention it's an absolutely beautiful country.
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