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Amex Platinum for non-Delta flyers

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by VRM, Oct 30, 2018.

  1. VRM

    VRM New Member

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    Hey Lucky, one of the benefits of the Amex Platinum is the Delta lounge access. I am an Alaska flyer and do not anticipate flying Delta ...since 75k miles a year gets me into the top tier in Alaska (but not so at Delta). While I just applied for the 100k offer, I am not sure the card is a long term keeper unless I switch allegiance to Delta. What do you advise - should I switch to Delta (with a Platinum status match) to maximize value, or stay on Alaska? If I stay on Alaska, should I just drop the Amex platinum after a year?
  2. rickyw

    rickyw Well-Known Member

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    There are lots of other benefits to the AMEX Platinum besides just SkyClub access, that justify holding on to the card. I wouldn’t immediately jump to flying Delta if you are happy with Alaska.

    If you’re spending a lot on airfare (which you probably are, if you fly 75,000 miles a year), earning 5x points on airfare with the Amex Plat could be very lucrative
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  3. tadasu

    tadasu New Member

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    I agree with rickyw. I almost never fly Delta, so to me the SkyClub access is a very marginal benefit. There are also so many other benefits that makes the Amex plat worth keeping. I also don't think SkyClub is a very good lounge. I'm not sure about others but the one in JFK T4 doesn't even have free alcohol, and the breakfast they had was mediocre at best

    So if you spend enough on airfare and are able to use the airline and uber credits, then i'd recommend keeping the card. After all Amex Plat offers the most comprehensive ranges of lounges in any credit cards with PP and centurion lounges.