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Can I carry a long handle umbrella?

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by brissle, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. brissle

    brissle New Member

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    All airlines seem to provide clear information about cabin luggage allowances, but I'm struggling to discover whether I can carry a long handled umbrella in addition to any standard allowance.

    We are flying economy with Air Canada from Vancouver to San Fransisco, then BA to London Heathrow in Premium Economy. Both flights in early June.

    Can anyone please advice whether my wife will be allowed to take her long handled umbrella on both those flights? That's in addition to her standard allowance for carry-on.

    Many thanks.
  2. Owen

    Owen Member

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    Hi Brissle!
    In my opinion, it should be fine, as I do not believe that long handled umbrellas would be longer than an overhead bin. Also since you're flying in a premium cabin from SFO-LHR, there should be a lot of space.

    In my past experiences with Air Canada, they have never once checked my carry-on. And while boarding, you'd be amazed what size of carry-ons some people bring onboard!

    But if you're worried about getting the umbrella confinscated, maybe just being a cheap collapsible umbrella on your trip
  3. brissle

    brissle New Member

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    Thanks for that advice - yes we've seen others with far more / bigger carry-on stuff than is officially allowed. A collapsible umbrella is the sensible answer.

    My wife prefers a sturdy long handled umbrella because it doubles as a walking stick when she needs it (she has arthritis) and also she likes the bigger diameter that those umbrellas have.