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Credit Card disappoints

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by David S., Dec 31, 2017.

  1. David S.

    David S. Reader

    Hi Lucky:
    First of all I look forward to your column each day...great info! Thank you for it.
    Please do not be so quick to extol the "virtues" of the Chase Sapphire Card. While traveling in Israel last spring my wife and I stayed at the Mamilla. My wife has multiple sclerosis. All of her medicines were stolen from our suite (hundreds of pills) and security told us that no one had entered other than their own employees. This of course created a major problem with our trip. The hotel's doctor attempted to replace the medicines but could not take care of all of them (wrong dosages, etc). My wife's resulting exacerbation took many months to ease.

    Even though I provided Chase with documentation showing that Travel and Leisure, Conde Nast, websites showing Hospitality Rules and Regulations and practices, conversations with Starwood and Four Seasons that security is an integral part of what one pays for, they refuse to reimburse any of our costs of same. Total cost of over $7400.00. Their opinion is that "the services were provided". How could they have been when their own security was breached by their own employees?

    I do believe that other disabled travelers need to be made aware of these kind of problems and perhaps to avoid travel credit cards that do not assist them when confronting difficulties such as we did.

    By the way, the Mamilla has many claims of theft from their rooms.

    Thank you
  2. Tiffany

    Tiffany One Mile At A Time

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    Hi @David S. -- thanks for sharing your story, and I'm so sorry you and your wife had that experience. It sounds miserable.

    The Sapphire Preferred (and other premium travel cards) offer insurance when traveling, but for the most part those cover costs associated with trip delays/cancelations, or baggage going missing. I don't see that any card covers items being stolen while traveling (with exceptions being made for items previously purchased on said card, and within the coverage window).

    This seems like something that could/should have been worked out at the hotel level (possibly by involving local authorities).

    I can see why you would want to contest the charges paid to the hotel (though it's shocking that it wasn't handled by the hotel prior to check out), and if you have the police report or other documentation I might suggest calling back. But I don't understand where Starwood or Four Seasons come into play, as I don't believe either program is involved in this hotel.
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  3. rickyw

    rickyw Well-Known Member

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    I had my luggage stolen while staying on Madeira about 5 years ago, out of our hotel room. To the best of our knowledge, it was taken by an employee. We tried to work with local authorities, but had no success. The language barrier certainly didn't help.

    Ultimately, I submitted a claim through my personal home/renter's insurance. There was a clause in my policy that my personal property was insured regardless of where I was. I was shocked this was applicable, but Liberty Mutual reimbursed me for everything I had to replace.

    Good luck, and hope it works out!
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