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Credit Cards Experience waiving United Mileage Plus card annual fee

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by GBOAC, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. GBOAC

    GBOAC Member

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    In the past I have had success getting Citibank to waive the annual fee on their AA credit card. I also have a Chase United MileagePlus credit card I'm wondering if anyone has had success in asking Chase to waive the fee on the United card. Would like to hear from anyone who tried to have the fee waived especially if they also have the Sapphire Reserve card as I do.
  2. rickyw

    rickyw Well-Known Member

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    I cancelled my United card this year because I was no longer getting value out of it. I also have the Chase Sapphire Reserve, like you.

    I called to cancel, and had every intention of keeping the card if they gave any retention offer (waived annual fee, bonus miles for X spend, etc.) They offered me nothing at all, so I cancelled.
  3. Gaurav

    Gaurav Well-Known Member

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    I think I once received a retention bonus for my Chase BA card and a couple of times for my Ink Bold a few years ago but other than that I can't remember the last time I got one. Always good to ask, especially if you put significant spend on the card in the past but I wouldn't hold my breath.