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Has anyone been abandoned by SAS like this?

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Robert Courtney, Aug 2, 2018.

  1. SAS abandoned me, my family, and about 15 other passengers on SK0162 GOT-ARN, (Gothenburg-Stockholm) 17.15-18.59, on Saturday, July 7, 2018. We arrived at baggage claim in Arlanda Terminal 4. No SAS personnel were in the arrivals area. Security personnel advised that the terminal was closed and everyone was gone. No bags arrived after 55 minutes of waiting. Zero bags. The help telephones at the Info desk had been removed. Several departing SAS personnel emerging from behind locked doors said they could not help. An SAS pilot who was walking through the area after arrival at Terminal 5 said he was familiar with this problem from before as a passenger himself; he suggested using the help telephones – oops they were disconnected. No personnel on duty either. He then speculated that perhaps it was a personnel shortage because of summer holidays and second because many had probably called in sick to watch the Sweden vs. England World Cup match that started at 16.00 that day. During this entire time, no SAS personnel appeared to help or inform what was going on.

    I was traveling with my wife and three-year old. There were about 15 other frantic passengers with no idea what was going on. Another family with two toddlers had no baby bottles and clothes for their kids. One of the passengers went to Terminal 5 SAS baggage service and was told that all of us should go there while SAS searched for the bags. UItimately, all of us found our way to the baggage service and filed claims.

    Our claim file number ARNSK15049.

    No hotel voucher was offered. No transportation voucher was offered. No assistance was offered. Instead: “Come back tomorrow.” “Check the website for status.”

    We and our fellow passengers were totally abandoned by SAS.

    We missed our onward flight to Moscow. We had to rebook on the next day’s flight – July 8, SU 2211 – at a cost of SEK 8871.00 for the three of us.

    We stayed in an airport hotel at a cost of SEK 1260.00.

    We came back the next morning to learn that our bags had never left Gothenberg. The same with several of our fellow passengers that were at baggage service at the same time as we were.

    Here’s what I think happened. As I was exiting flight SK 162, I saw bags being offloaded. The number of total passengers on the flight was greater than the 15 or so who were abandoned. That means the others were transfer passengers or those with only hand luggage. I believe that SAS knew there would be no ground staff to handle the baggage for arriving passengers. So, it loaded baggage only for transfer passengers. Those were the bags I saw being offloaded. The rest it left in Gottenberg until the next morning flight. I hope I am wrong. If this actually happened, that this was done is offensive. In any case, that SAS was so inhumane as to abandon its passengers is frightening. For the sake of the airline’s reputation, I trust this does not make it into social media.

    Claim and complaint filed with SAS over one week ago. Silence.