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Credit Cards Holding out for Saphire Reserve Offer

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by jshood, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. jshood

    jshood New Member

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    Hi Lucky,

    I'm fairly new to travel credit cards and points. Just 3 years ago I flew Lufthansa from New York to Frankfurt and didn't bother crediting the miles at all, because I thought miles were only useful for business travelers (I later tried to claim the trip but was just outside of the deadline). A year after that trip I got the AA Platinum Select because of a great in-flight offer and I've been working on earning and using miles and points ever since.

    I really want to get the Chase Saphire Reserve and start using that as my main travel card, but I've been waiting since last year when I just missed the great sign on bonus offer. Should I keep waiting in case they do a new promotion or should I just jump in and get the card with the standard offer?

  2. David W

    David W Well-Known Member

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  3. DSENT

    DSENT Member

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    I doubt they bring back the 100K bonus. Many blogs (including this one) suspect Chase is losing money on the CSR. Lucky highlighted some possible contributing factors last year.

    If you are just going after the points, the Ink Preferred is a great option as David suggested. The Sapphire Preferred is great as well and will get you the same bonus as the CSR. But if you travel enough to take advantage of the many other benefits of the CSR, the 50K bonus is still good.