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Marriott Premier Plus annual fee confusion

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by PJ Shizam, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. PJ Shizam

    PJ Shizam New Member

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    My wife, and I, and both my parents took the Marriott premier plus upgrade offer back in May. On Sept 1 all our cards' annual fees hit even though our original enrollment dates were all different throughout the calendar year. I guess I was expecting to see the annual free night coincide with the Sept 1st ate but after talking to chase CSR that is not the case. Dates of annual free night issuences don't change. Wouldn't it make since to have prorated annual fee refund in this case? If I would have known that upgrading to new card for a measly 10,000 points would have caused a net $65 fee I would not have done it. Unfortunately the secured message I had with Chase indicated I could not reverse the upgrade anymore, givr back the points and get refund. Now I'm at the point of deciding whether I should just cancel our cards to get refund. Would chase system black ball me thinking that I just cancelled a new (upgraded) card?