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My very own British Airways disaster - what to do now?

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by JMcC, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. JMcC

    JMcC New Member

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    Lovely people of OMAAT!

    To be honest, seeing there are so many frequent travelers/fliers around, I am very insecure about how to share about my recent experience with BA. I'm not a frequent flier and I don't travel often in general.

    Anyway, I would like some opinions and maybe suggestions on how to deal with this situation (Should I contact BA about it? Can I get any sort of compensation for being downgraded or the whole thing in general?)

    If that's alright, I'll try and post the whole scenario in sort of a list.

    Please be gentle with me! The whole experience was awful enough for me.

    1. I had booked an intra European short haul flight in business class from London Heathrow to Hannover Airport in the evening
    2. Hannover Airport was shut down
    3. My BA flight was canceled while I was already waiting in the Terminal
    4. I was booked on a replacement flight the next morning
    5. I was downgraded on the replacement flight
    6. I accepted the replacement flight
    7. BA service personnel twice confirmed that I would NOT have to take care of my already checked in luggage (I'm by no means a frequent traveler and I was exhausted, so I decided to trust the BA service people!)
    8. After I got food and hotel vouchers, I left the terminal to go to the hotel
    9. While passing through the baggage hall I was surprised to find my checked in luggage (which I was told that I had not to take care of!) sitting there next to one of the carousels
    10. When I tried to drop off my luggage the next morning it exceeded the allowed baggage allowance (of course, as I had initially booked business class and packed accordingly)
    11. after practically begging one of the only two service personnel at the baggage check in/drop off, I finally got help and he checked in my overweight luggage free of charge
    12. BUT he also sealed my duty free bag (as duty free did NOT seal it the day before) with a luggage label and told me it would pass security just fine (please, be gentle with me! I was exhausted and would have believed anything if only i could get home!)
    13. Security (of course) did not let me pass with the BA staff "sealed" bag, I got the embarrassing liquids talk and my items were confiscated and thrown away (my Nutella! I'm still very emotional about my Nutella!)
    14. When it finally came to boarding (I was in group 4! FFS!) the BA lady forced me to check my hand baggage as it was supposed to be a full flight
    15. On board then the flight attendant also took my handbag away from me to stow it in one of the (half empty, btw!!!) overhead lockers
    I suffer from PTSD, so the whole ordeal, especially taking aways my hand luggage, did not go lightly on me and almost sent me into a panic attack.
    It took the remainder of the week (my flight was on Tuesday/Wednesday) to get back into a working state.

    So, yeah... that was my recent experience with British Airways.

    Any suggestions?

    Should I contact BA?

    Ask for compensation?

    I've always enjoyed the usually calm and smooth flights with BA, but after this experience I won't fly them again.
  2. rickyw

    rickyw Well-Known Member

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    Hi, sorry you had a rough experience! Unfortunately, cancellations tend to bring out the worst, not the best.

    Are you familiar with EU 261 regulations? They pretty clearly outline what compensation you are due. I would recommend starting there..
  3. JMcC

    JMcC New Member

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    Thank you for your reply!

    From the looks of it, BA have done everything they had to when they provided food/hotel vouchers!

    Which means I basically paid almost 200 Euros for an economy flight on which I was treated like dirt by staff with an attitude that made me feel helpless, unwelcome and worthless.

    So, I'll be looking into another airline for my flights to/from London then!