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Primary Inspection Kiosks in Canada

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Schumih, Oct 26, 2018.

  1. Schumih

    Schumih Reader


    I really hope that somebody can help me out here. I am an Austrian citizen and have a valid eTA to travel to Canada. So I visited Canada from October 12th to October 21st. My first port of entry was Montreal Airport where I had a connecting flight to Fredericton (New Brunswick), my final destination.

    When I landed in Montreal I followed the signs for "connecting flight" and came to a Customs Area with Primary inspection kiosks. I answered all the questions on the kiosk, took my picture and was printed a kiosk receipt. With that I stood in line for a bit, presented it to an officer. BUT he just looked at my passport and the kiosk receipt, he did not ask any questions about the purpose of my travel, gave me the receipt back and told me to go.

    I went further and there were two signs, one "Immigration" and one "Connecting flights". So I was a bit confused whether I already cleared customs on the Primary inspection kiosk or not. Therefore I asked another officer, he was a bit confused too where I should go no and just told me to follow the signs of connecting flight and then before I exit the hall, give the kiosk receipt to an officer. I exactly did that.

    But now I am worried that I might have done something wrong? Should I have gone to Immigration instead of Connecting flights? Did I enter Canada illegally by accident?

    When I left Canada, they scanned my passport again at the airport to give me my boarding passes. Would the airline check-in staff have seen my entry dates to Canada as well?

    I really hope somebody can help me and I did not do anything wrong and will be banned from Canada, as I intend to fly there again this Christmas....

    Thank you!
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