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Hotels SPG 2017 Plat 75 to...regular Plat?

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by jetset, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. jetset

    jetset New Member

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    So question to the readership...
    I stayed 92 nights at SPG in 2017 so had Platinum 75 in 2018 pre-IT integration earning the elevated points bonus for hotel stays. After the IT integration, I had Platinum Premier for 2 days and then in the middle of officially merging accounts, my status was downgraded to Platinum.

    I've called Marriott/SPG multiple times with no resolution but on my recent call was told that I could only achieve Platinum Premier as an SPG member last year by staying 75 nights THIS YEAR. The agent also explained that status beyond Platinum this year was only given past 8/18 if you had earned it in calendar 2018 and that Platinum Premier was not available to SPG members who earned Platinum 75 in 2017. This feels completely contrary to all messaging but he (a manager allegedly) was unwilling to budge. Any counterpoints?
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