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SQ Charging $250 in "airport taxes" for domestic UA redemption?

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Daniel54321, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. Daniel54321

    Daniel54321 New Member

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    My GF's flight priced out perfectly DEN-OGG/LIH-DEN for 35k SQ miles + $10

    Mine, on the other hand, is having issues. I need to get to Denver from RSW, and then fly to Austin afterwards. Luckily, there is saver avail on all those flights! And even better, it is pricing out at the same 35k KrisFlyer miles.

    However, when I went to pay, the fees were $250 USD. What?! The two tag flights caused the fees to go from $10 to $250? What the heck? SQ guy said the connections "Cause airport fees."

    I am wondering if SQ is automatically inserting their $100 stopover fees? My connection out is 18 hours, but it is the *fastest* connection possible as there is only 1 flight per day RSW-DEN and one per day from DEN-OGG. My connection on the way back is 3:45, so is within their 4 hour rule. Any ideas? Below is my exact itinerary and routing. Thank you!!!!

    17 Jan 14:16 RSW-DEN
    18 Jan 11:35 DEN-OGG

    24 Jan 20:50 LIH-DEN (lands 25th at 06:38)
    25 Jan 10:17 DEN-AUS

    Price: 35,000 miles + $250USD
  2. Daniel54321

    Daniel54321 New Member

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    As a follow-up in case this helpful to people in the future, I isolated the issue to the 18-hour overnight connection in Denver.

    The inbound LIH-DEN-AUS with a 3.5 hour layover priced out at 17.5k miles + $5, so I booked it

    The outbound direct DEN-OGG priced out at 17.5k miles + $5 so I booked it.

    Adding the tag flight from RSW the afternoon prior (even though it's the shortest possible connection), added 0 miles and $240 in taxes.

    The agent couldn't explain it but promised it was correct and that it was taxes from United that they can't see. So I sourly booked a paid $75 ticket on the RSW-DEN segment that has saver award availability to avoid the $240 in extra taxes...
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  3. Andy 11235

    Andy 11235 New Member

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    Your gf is booking a single open-jaw ticket, which is allowed by SQ for free on rt awards. You are booking a double-open-jaw ticket. This is not allowed, and forces pricing as two one-way awards. Can't be a stopover charge, as this only applies for layovers>24 hrs. It's certainly not "taxes from united" because revenue tickets on ita matrix only shows the regular taxes (you should have to pay 11.20AY, 9.00XF,8.40ZP and 9.20US). Depending on your enthusiasm, you might hang-up call-back until you get someone willing to look into the pricing engine.
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