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Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Cowgirl, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. Cowgirl

    Cowgirl New Member

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    Traveling back to the US from a vacation with girlfriends in Guadalajara, I was detained in San Jose, for a SSSS check. I’m 70 years old, look like a soccer (grand) mom, an live a boringly crime free life. It lasted an hour and ten minutes as I was touched everywhere and my beautiful treasures were ripped open, one by one.
    I have been home for four days and I can’t stop thinking about it and I can’t stop crying. I keep wondering, why me??
    Is this unusual that I am taking it so hard or are there others out there? I feel so alone.
  2. Gia

    Gia Well-Known Member

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    I travel often and about once a year I get selected for SSSS. Occasionally a passenger is selected at random which is my guess as to what happened to you. When this happens to me, my chief concern is that it will continue to pop up on future flights. Lucky had this problem a while back and wrote this post about the experience.
    Hopefully this is a one time event and you won’t be sent to secondary again in the future.