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Elite Status Switching from Delta Skymiles to Flying Blue?

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Fiona, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. Fiona

    Fiona Reader

    I'm considering switching from Delta Skymiles to Air France Flying Blue for 2018 and would love other flyers advice. I fly mostly lowest fare economy (I work in not-for-profit sector) transatlantic from home base in NY to Europe and then onward to North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa and sometimes Middle East/Asia. This often means that even when I buy a Delta flight I end up flying on Air France and with their fare rules I cannot use Delta miles to upgrade to Premium Economy on Air France. It only allows such an upgrade using money not miles.
    In 2017 I logged approx. 87500 MQM's with Delta Skymiles, reaching Platinum status by November. In 2018, I may have more opportunity to occasionally purchase Business or Premium Economy legs for travel. There's also a small chance of a move to Paris sometime in future.
    The option I'm considering would be to maintain my Platinum status and lounge access with Delta, as it carries for this coming year, and to begin to re-accumulate with Air France Flying Blue.
    Any advice? Is this a foolish move?
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