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Credit Cards US Credit Cards on post

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by AlexZ, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. AlexZ

    AlexZ Reader


    when I see all the Credit Card offer here, they are most issued from US Banks / Airlines. I am German ant I don't have a US-Social Security Number. So, tell me, how I can apply for one of them. As I have seen an interview from you, where you told about your 40+ own Credit Cards.

    Thanks for a short answer,
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    Hello Alex.

    Getting a US credit card without an SSN is difficult, but not impossible.

    The simplest is the Amex International Currency Cards Charge Cards

    More complex is getting an ITIN, simplest way is if you have enough money is to buy a rental property in the US and apply for an ITIN.

    An ITIN can be used instead of a SSN when apply for a US credit card.

    Your next issue is that you will have no US credit history.

    If you have an Amex card in Europe it possible to ask for a US card based on your payment history at home.

    Alternatively you would have to build a US credit history before you would get access to the really good cards.

    Old article, but covers the basic on building US credit history
    Since Lucky don't cover secured cards, try this website for information about the cards you can use to build credit.


    Since this question keeps coming up from people with no SSN, could either you or Lucky write a blog post about the how get US credit cards without an SSN? Would be handy to just have a blog post to link to the next time the question is asked.
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