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VX / AS elite merging

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Isaac Chambers, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. I requalified for VX gold in the elevate program (32 elite segments in the VX program, which is the published criteria for VX gold for 2018). I was matched last year to MVP gold and is associated with my VX account. I FB messaged the AS team in December to ensure my MVP gold is valid until end of 2018. They confirmed - yes it was. However, i found that today they downgraded my AS MP account to non-status. I booked a trip for mid January to YVR...not sure if i will get upgrades or the elite mileage bonus. I messaged the FB group again and they said it could be 2 weeks or next month when they look at VX accounts. They did say that they see me as qualified for MVP gold status but I asked why the downgrade? I cant even book a VX flight as VX numbers are no longer accepted into reservations. they just said to call VX....ummmm you are all the same now right? I must say they are trying to wooo us VXers but this by far not the right start or response! Anyone else experience this?