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Where to post BA First credit ticketed on AA ?

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by flyman_gm, Feb 7, 2018.

  1. flyman_gm

    flyman_gm Reader


    You have been very good at raising awareness of discounted first class tickets from Europe. I purchased a round trip from London to Atlanta with an AA ticket flown by BA. The ticket was $2,000 less than Delta business class - so I'm happy about that.

    But where to credit the miles?

    On the alliances I have the following accounts:

    Sky team: I use Delta (I have Diamond status),
    Star: I use Turkish (and have gold status)
    One World: I use Qatar (and have gold)
    For One World I also have a BA account with 300,000+ miles that I never seem to use, and a dormant Alaska

    How do I use miles: I burn about 400-500,000 miles a year to take my family from the US to Europe for vacation (typically on Virgin with DL miles) and to bring along my partner on trips to Africa from Atlanta (typically on Turkish or Qatar using those miles). I resent paying 'fuel surcharges' which is why I don't use the BA miles for trans-Atlantic award flights

    So what to do with AA flown by BA? Credit Qatar for a lower amount of miles I will use, or BA for a higher number of miles which I likely will not use, or Alaska (but then I may not earn very many since its AA flown by BA)

    Help please!!

    Best wishes
  2. rickyw

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