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Alaska MileagePlan cancelled my partner award ticket on Hainan on the day of departure

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Stuck in China, Jan 3, 2019.

  1. Facing a very scary situation here.

    I have an Alaska MileagePlan ticket booked for travel on Hainan Airlines. It originates in Taipei and terminates in Canada, with a one-week stopover in China (5 flights total, all J).

    On the day of departure of the first flight (7 hours before), I checked my ticket through the Alaska website and saw it was missing under "My Trips". I then searched for it via PNR. I received an error message that the whole ticket was cancelled. I called Alaska MileagePlan and they stated I had canceled the ticket. Apparently their system indicates I cancelled the ticket a few hours earlier, on the day of departure, even though I definitely did not and was asleep. I didn't even view the reservation online or log-in all week, or do OLCI, so it couldn't even be accidentally done. My belief is this is either an IT issue in their backend or criminal (similar to airport staff cancelling Air China or United awards in China to rebook the space using stolen miles). Alaska's records indicate the cancelation happened at 5AM local time on day of departure.

    They were able to rebook me on the first two flights of my ticket but the longhaul to Canada was now unavailable. They have asked HU to open space but it's a coin toss. If they don't, they rebooked me on another flight 2 days later going into a totally different province, as it was the only available that week. They don't seem to care that I would be 1000km from my destination city or that I cannot arrive 2 days late. I inquiried about whether they could try mixing partner awards (e.g. CX for the longhaul) or buying a revenue ticket but they said both are impossible and that if Hainan doesn't open space, I am stuck on what they rebooked.

    I've had a really frustrating experience (4 hours on the phone today during what was supposed to be a vacation) and Alaska doesn't seem to care to fix this. They insinuate I had cancelled it or that my identity was stolen and that they have done everything they can. They keep saying that if I think someone else did it, I should file a police report, except when I asked which jurisdiction to file it in, they then said to call legal counsel. They insist I must have shared my PNR with someone, but I really haven't. They block changes on intra-Asia Hainan awards within 72 hours to prevent fraud, but because this was terminating in Canada, it was not protected. Yet despite obviously knowing about this type of fraud, and failing to protect passengers on long hauls from it, they don't care about resolving anything. I am totally getting the run around. They have IP logs and should be able to figure out who subsequently booked the space, so this shouldn't be so difficult... but they don't care.

    Do I have any recourse? Do I have any way to make them honour my original routing and dates? Is there any way to escalate a complaint above the reservations supervisor? Which body would have jurisdiction to hear this complaint, the CTA in Canada? It doesn't feel good being stranded in China and this whole situation has freaked me out. For all I know, my rebooked ticket might again get cancelled by the same person.