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Amex Bonvoy Brilliant Upgrade Offer?

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Cheeeese, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. Cheeeese

    Cheeeese Reader

    I received an offer from Amex to upgrade my Amex Bonvoy to the Bonvoy Brilliant Card - and the upgrade offer the same as the offer to just apply for the card outright, which I would prefer to cancelling one and applying for the other. I'd have to spend $5k in 3 months and get 100k points.
    The kicker is as follows:
    My account anniversary is in a few days - meaning I'll earn a free night cert (35k pts).
    Amex says certs are delivered 8-12 weeks after account anniversary.
    My upgrade offer expires in ~6 weeks.
    So I have a few questions - do you think if I upgrade now, my account anniversary resets and I don't get a free night for another year? Or if I upgrade now will my date stay the same and I'll get a 50k cert with the better card? Also you think I'll get my cert before the upgrade offer expires so i can get my 35k free night and then upgrade and come out neither ahead nor behind in the cert department?