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Credit Cards Amex "Changing" Fare Rules after booking???

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by gdawson03, May 25, 2020.

  1. gdawson03

    gdawson03 Reader

    Hi Lucky/OMAAT community,

    So just got off my 6th!! call and 4th email chain with Amex Platinum Travel supervisors on a particularly sticky issue related to a SA Airways flight I am trying to cancel and something doesn't sound right here but wanted to get some perspective. So here we go.

    • Booked oneway MAU-JNB on SA Airways for 2Pax dep 5/31/20 direct with Amex Travel on 7/16/19
    • Due to Covid, SA has now canceled flight.
    • In the fare rules (that I reviewed prior at purchase and saved to my computer) linked to my flight, it clearly shows that flights originating Botswana can be canceled & refunded for a 25% fee
    • Upon calling Amex they are now saying "the rules can change and it is now 50%"
    Something about this doesn't sound On top of the crappy customer experience for a "valued" platinum cardmember for over a decade for a total of $150.....but that's another day.