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AMEX Plat Airline Credit and Elevate Your Status

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by George George, Dec 31, 2018.

  1. George George

    George George Reader

    Hi All,

    I’m in an interesting situation and need some help. I miscalculated my MQDs to get to silver on Delta for next year and am $140 short. I called Delta to see if I had any other option other than to pay the $299 for Elevate Your Status but I had no luck.

    I’ve been thinking about opening an Amex platinum card for awhile now to get Delta Sky Club access and was wondering if I opened one today and used it to pay for elevate your status would it count towards the 2018 airline credit on the card. That way I’m only technically paying $100 to bump myself up to silver.

    I’m going to be flying Delta about 30 times for business this year and on a lot of off peak times. Last year I would’ve been upgraded on almost all of my flights.

    Do you think the strategy to open up the platinum today and use the 2018 $200 airline credit would work?

    If not, do you think in my case it’s worth paying the $300 for elevate your status? Like I said, I travel off peak and many of my flights last year I would’ve been upgraded.

  2. George George

    George George Reader

    Will a Delta Elevate your status purchase count towards the AMEX airline credit?