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Credit Cards Answers: Savor Cash back works!

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Jon Gibson, Dec 20, 2018.

  1. Jon Gibson

    Jon Gibson New Member

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    I took the advice of Lucky's list of best cash back Credit Cards back in July 2018.
    I signed up for the Savor Credit Card with $500 cash back 'IF' you commit to making $3,000 in qualifying purchases in your first 3 months of activation (oh they activate as soon as they approve you by the way)
    Well, it took me some time , but I did it !
    Once I made over $3,000 in purchases I called and Capital One sent me the $500 in the form of a check . I deposited at my credit union (half expecting them to send me away with a scowl). The cash was in my account the next morning. Woohoo!
    Unfortunately the yearly fee will be charged this coming September 2019 (first year sub at $95 free) so I hope I can make the card work for me again. It is ideal for anyone with regular 'dining/entertainment' budget that exceeds $2375.00/year (4% of this is $95) that qualifies for the 4% cash back rewards. You still get 2% on Grocery(good for families 4 or more, or shop at whole paycheck), and 1% on all else.
    Thanks Lucky,
    That paid for all the wood blinds on cyber monday for 3 large windows in my house. saved $600 on the blinds and got this free money. Whats next years bonus going to be? Can't wait!
    Your website rocks my world *
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