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Award Redemption award flight after studying abroad

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by brenster21, Aug 19, 2019.

  1. brenster21

    brenster21 New Member

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    So I am a student that is hoping to go study abroad this next fall (2020) and I was hoping to get some advice on what type of cards I should be looking to get, what trips I can realistically do. My dad is a premier 1k on united, so I will most likely be doing my flights coming and going on united, I have some miles still on united but not that many. So I was planning on signing up for a secured credit card with chase to build up my credit score and then the chase explorer card for the baggage benefits, club access twice a year, and miles then come summer try and get approved for the chase sapphire preferred. So assuming that I can hit both signup bonuses what type of award flights would I be able to take coming back to from frankfort to new york (any airport). one of my worries that united switch to dynamic pricing will make the award tickets to expensive and I will end up stuck.

    I was hoping to be able to travel back in business class or maybe first since I doubt I will have another chance to do such a trip for the foreseeable future. I also love reading your blog thank you in advanced.
  2. rickyw

    rickyw Well-Known Member

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    You'd have plenty of options if you successfully get those Chase points. Tons of Star Alliance options available to you from Germany back to the US.

    I think your idea of getting a secured card, then eventually upgrading to the Sapphire Preferred is perfect.

    You could also look at becoming an authorized user on your parents cards in the meantime, to help build your credit score in anticipation.

    While abroad, the CSP is great with no foreign fees. I think all of the Capital One cards have no foreign transaction fees as well, and are pretty easy to be approved for as a student with little credit history.
  3. David W

    David W Well-Known Member

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    Given your situation, I'd probably look for travel on a Star Alliance carrier (Luftansa, Swiss, Austrian, Swiss) since those can be booked with UA miles and (for now) should not be affected by UA's dynamic award pricing.

    Chase UR is also transferable to Singapore Airlines, which operates a flight from Frankfurt to JFK, and is only bookable using SQ's own miles/program.