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Award Redemption Award Routing Help:

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Zach G, Aug 4, 2020.

  1. Zach G

    Zach G New Member

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    I’d like to take a 2-3 week trip and visit both the Middle East (DXB) and South East Asia (DPS). I only have chase UR to spend (~400k), and I was pricing out the best options.

    The current best option I was able to find was transferring UR to EK and booking direct on EK…



    DPS-JFK via DXB

    R/t for 190k in J. I can even add an open jaw and depart from another SEA country instead of DPS if I want to see another city (ex. SIN, BKK, etc.).

    I was wondering if anyone else had ideas that I potentially missed to visit both DXB and DPS on chase UR?

    Are there other transfer partners I overlooked?

    Maybe break up the journey and utilize DOH somehow?

    Is there anyway to transfer to SQ KrisFlyer or UA MileagePlus and use *A carriers?

    I know from the old routing rules on United I would have been able to route through the Middle East on way to SEA and paid 65k o/w due to SEA being the more powerful zone. However, now I can’t utilize the excursionist perk because my “free segment” wouldn’t be within one defined award region.

    Appreciate any help/ideas from the experts.