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Reader Reviews: Trips & Tips BA experiences about complaints

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by aladeen91, Jan 19, 2018.

  1. aladeen91

    aladeen91 New Member

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    Hey all,
    I have a complaint going on with British Airways and I would like to know what your experiences are with BA handling complaints.
    I have had the following problem,
    We travelled from JFK to DUS via LHR on December 2nd.
    Due to the bad weather in Europe during that time our departure out of JFK had been delayed by 2 hours. Since LHR was totally overloaded it took us 2 hours to get from the runway to the gate. Our connecting flight was already cancelled so we got rebooked to a later flight which also got cancelled.
    We ended up at customer service where we had to wait for hours and got a hotel voucher and vouchers for meals and they booked us on EW to DUS though on NH flight number.
    The next day we wanted to check in for EW but we were not on the passenger list. So we went to customer service again, had to line again and they told us all flights for the next 3 days are sold.
    They didn't even offer to put us on a waitlist so I called my travel agent who got us the last 2 seats
    on BA from LCY to FRA which he made reservations for. So finally after a bit of an argument AA rebooked us to this flight. So we had to transfer all the way though London and then arriving in LCY it got even worse. Just as we entered the terminal there was a fire alarm and the whole airport got evacuated. We had to wait outside in the cold for more than 2 hours. Due to this we both got sick during the next days. The flight from LCY was also delayed by 45 minutes and when we arrived at FRA we still had to make our way to DUS. Of course both of us already had to work that day so we both lost a full day of vacation.
    So yesterday after a month I'm getting a reply from BA and they say due to the weather they are not liable and they will only pay for our train ticket from FRA to DUS and thats it - nothing else.
    I know that they are not liable because the reason of all this was obviously the weather but if I summarize all what happened I just think this is the very least they can do.

    -We were travelling 46,5 hours ( a journey of usually 10 hours if according to schedule!)
    -on the Taxiway for 2 Hours (no water provided, use of lavatory not possible as we were "taxiing)
    -customer service reissued our tickets incorrecty (we were not on the pax list for EW)
    -we both lost a full day of vacation and got into trouble with our managers at work
    -the alternative flight which finally brought us home was provided by my travel agency not BA/AA
    -we had to change the airports within London
    -fire alarm at LCY causing us to wait in the cold outside for 2 hours and another delay of 45 minutes.

    I recently got up to bronze with BA (cute?! :D) but is this how to treat customers?
    And the ticket we were travelling on was really cheap so that might me a factor also?
    I would really like to know what you think of this or what you would do if in my situation?
    Please comment I will wait a few days before I reply to BA again.
    Thanks :)
  2. rickyw

    rickyw Well-Known Member

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    To play devil's advocate, with weather delays the airlines are on the hook for much less than they would be for mechanical/operational delays. So, I'm not entirely sure how much BA would be inclined to assist. If you continue to push them, they may end up offering Avios and/or BA vouchers, which only helps if you have plans to fly British or their partners anytime soon. Unfortunately, I really can't see them reimbursing you for all those out of pocket expenses.

    Is there any chance you booked your trip with a credit card that provides travel insurance? Every credit card insurance I can think of kicks in long before a 46 hour delay.