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Best way to upgrade BA flight on AA ticket bought with cash (Business-First)

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by DMVK, Jan 6, 2019.

  1. DMVK

    DMVK New Member

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    Hi all,

    I know this is a bit silly but the more I fly (and read this blog) the fussier I get, so here goes....

    I was able to snag a multi-city business class trip at a pretty reasonable fare with AA from LHR-JFK and then from Colorado-LHR (~2400USD). I'm an Exec Club Silver member and based in the UK and would have bought the fare directly from BA, but they wouldn't sell the fare because the first (domestic) leg of the connecting flight wasn't a co-chair.

    I've gotten a little spoiled and have realized how much I prefer Club World upstairs on the 747 to the 777. Unfortunately, I'm on a 777 outbound and I got bumped off my 747 connecting flight from ORD because the times changed and the layover became too short to connect. They had originally put me on the later BA 777 but I had them change me to the AA-operated 787, figuring that it might be more comfortable for an overnight.

    When I called to ask about upgrading the outbound 777-CW leg to First, I was quoted at some ridiculous number (over $2K) because apparently I'm booked in an "I" fare and upgrading one leg would reprice me in J. I know if I had been able to book directly with BA it might have been easier to upgrade with cash or Avios, but what are my options here if I wanted to get into BA First? Is there any chance of buying a reasonably-priced upgrade (i.e. $300-600) from CW to F at the gate, day-of? Cabin is wide open as of now (10/12 seat free), and the flight is Saturday early afternoon flight in mid-February).

    Thanks to all in advance