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Inflight Experience / Seating Can a longhaul flight operate without running water?

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Esteban, Mar 2, 2020.

  1. Esteban

    Esteban New Member

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    I booked a relative on United flight 847 from IAH to SCL, which departed on March 1st. When she arrived she texted me that the flight had no running water. United communicated to passengers that IAH was not able to provide them with water, but they continued on schedule anyway. So they were not able to flush toilets or use the sinks to wash hands on a 9 hour flight. They're apparently going to proactively be sending passengers an email with an offer of compensation. I don't know yet how much is being offered. But the fact that they'd take off on a 9 hour flight without running water seems crazy to me. Can they do that? Especially with the current Coronavirus concerns, passengers not being able to wash hands on a longhaul flight seems incredibly irresponsible. I'm curious if you've run into this before and what the rules are around issues like this.
  2. Gaurav

    Gaurav Well-Known Member

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    Wow, if that's accurate it's a pretty bad decision by UA. Please update us on what UA offers!
  3. Woodrow

    Woodrow Active Member

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    I cannot imagine that this is accurate. They have diverted short haul flights in the past for no usable restrooms. This would mean that the airline gambled that a plane full of passengers would not need to use the facilities for 9 hrs. This would have been a bio-hazardous disaster, which I cannot believe an airline would knowingly choose to do.
  4. Cedar Jet

    Cedar Jet New Member

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    Anything is possible with United.= :-/