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Cathay Vietnam Offering - honoring partner flights?

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by VN Elite, Jan 2, 2019.

  1. VN Elite

    VN Elite Reader

    During the recent Cathay reduced fare offering from Vietnam, I picked up 3 R/T tickets from SGN to SEA for $1133 (2/2019), $1133 (3/2019), and $967 (6/2019), respectively. Each of these ticketed into American Airlines A class on the 777 for the HKG to LAX portion of the trip. I was aware of this when booking. I tried to snag the Cathay planes, but kept getting errors and the AA flights all went through. So I figured A class on AA is for about $1000 is still a great deal, though obviously not as awesome as Cathay.

    Today when I called Cathay to get the AA booking reference so I could select my seats on American, they said they hoped I didn't run into any problems at the airport with American not honoring the tickets. The agent said that Cathay is committed to honoring the ticket, but they can't speak for partner airlines.

    I went over to and got my seats selected and special meals ordered and AS Mileage Plan number into the system. Everything is ticketed and says confirmed and seems fine.

    Does anyone have experience with this type of experience of a partner airline not honoring the ticket at the airport when everything seems ok? I welcome any insight.