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CheapoAir Perfidy

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by ANNE FROM MAUI, Apr 4, 2020.

  1. Dear Ben, I faithfully read One Mile at a Time and your information has helped me multiple times. I am asking about CheapoAir. I have 5 Qantas reservations for NZ from June 8 - June 22. Qantas is "allowing" us to take flight credits and as far as I know has not cancelled our flights yet. Because I booked through CheapoAir I have change or cancel through that company. Imagine my surprise when I went on their website yesterday. They are charging $50 per ticket (we have 5) to ask for the flight credit and $150 per ticket if you want them to advocate for a refund.

    How can they do this? What should I do? They don't answer their phones nor respond to emails. We would appreciate ANY help you can give us.

    Thank you,
    Anne Troy
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  2. rickyw

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    Anne, unfortunately since you bought through CheapoAir, you really have to abide by their policies (which admittedly, are terrible).

    If you can't get through to someone online, here are some additional contacts: