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Citi TY Points portal issue: can’t book J tickets

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Scubanik23, Feb 2, 2019.

  1. Scubanik23

    Scubanik23 Reader

    First time poster...for the last week I’ve been trying to use Citi TY points + cash for a J ticket to Bali. And every time I try to add the itinerary to my cart, it tells me it’s found a better price for my trip, and I either have to accept the better price or exit the booking. No chance to decline. When accepted, the better priced ticket appears as business class, and the first time I did this I made the purchase, knowing I was protected for 24 hours. The email I got from connections Travel, Citi’s TA, also says it’s a business class ticket. But I went to the airline page and checked my record locator, and lo and behold it was an economy ticket. I cancelled the reservation and tried again the next day after my points were redeposited. Same thing happened; the better deal was a hidden downgrade. The price difference is enough to warrant suspicion, no doubt, but this “glitch” needs to be fixed. I tried with different airlines and different departure airports, on different devices, but I currently cannot book a business class ticket using points and miles on the Citi site. I checked Qatar fron IAD and JFK to HKG and DPS, amd Emirates to DPS, and it happened over and over. I’m curious if anyone else is having these issues or could test it out. You don’t actually have to buy the ticket for this process to occur. Thanks!