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Hotels Conrad New York does not accept PMG claim at all?

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by JustininKorea, Feb 5, 2019.

  1. JustininKorea

    JustininKorea Reader


    This is Justin from Korea. I am such a big fan of you and have been watching your post for a long time as a SHY LUCKY ;).

    Today, I made my decision that I have to ask you about my Hilton PMG situation.

    Recently, I am trying to reserve Conrad New York for 2 nights in September. I have a gold tier in HH, so I reserved a Suite Deluxe King room for 2 nights at US$ 1,301.82, excl. tax, in HH website. And I found eligible price for PMG claim on (the same room type with the entirely same condition at US$ 1076.24, excl. tax). Of course, I submitted the PMG claim form via HH website.
    (At this point of my writing this post, that price disappeared in

    First, they sent me an reply, saying that they cannot find the price of 1076.24. So, I sent them the screenshot of the final booing page captured in with 1076.24 rate. And then, they sent me the following message.

    "Thank you for your interest in our Price Match Guarantee program. After further review of your claim, it appears that the rate quoted in the documentation you provided is invalid and cannot be confirmed. The lowest standard published rate at the Conrad International New York, NY available at any time for the room type in question is $650.91 USD per night, which is substantially higher than the rate you claim to have found. As a result, we are unable to approve this claim."

    With this email, I totally do not understand what the LOWEST STANDARD rate is. If they have the LOWEST STANDARD rate for a certain room type in a specific hotel, it means that the other 3rd parties cannot make the rate lower with their strategies. This also means that the PMG does not work at all for a certain room type in a specific hotel . However, I cannot find any excluded hotel brand names in HH PMG T&C. I am guessing that they just DO NOT WANT to accept the claim. Do you think this make sense?

    I'd like to hear your experiences and/or advise on this situation. How do I understand this and reply to HH specialist?