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Considering Canceling Chase Hyatt Card Next Year!

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Troy, Jun 27, 2020.

  1. Troy

    Troy Reader

    I love Hyatt hotels. They're one of my favorite hotel brands, but I'm considering canceling this card next year. The only reason it would be next year and not this year is because they gave me a $95 credit as a retention offer since my card will be charged the annual fee in July.

    Reasons I'm considering the cancelation:

    1. I hate the Category 1-4 Free Night: I usually stay at Hyatt Category 5 and above. I never really have good experiences at any category below that. I also have a hard time finding dates that work for the free night no matter how basic the property is. I also hate that I have to wait for the free night to expire in order for customer service to offer anything - and I think the 10,000 points they offer should be 15,000 to match the value of the award night.

    2. It takes forever for an issue to be resolved: I always get Hyatt representatives that tell me issue X is a "chase issue" and then when I call chase I get this issue X is "Hyatt issue." Which becomes a back and forth game of not getting help until weeks later.

    3. I feel like I get better value out of the Amex Fine Hotel's and Resorts program when I am booking at Hyatt.

    4. I just upgraded my Hilton card to the Hilton Aspire card and may consider Hilton as my primary hotel choice.

    Do you think I should cancel or keep this card next year? I'm conflicted and would love to hear your thoughts/opinions/experiences with the card!
  2. Gaurav

    Gaurav Well-Known Member

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    If you're not going to stay at Hyatt it doesn't make much sense to hold the card. There might be case to be made if you were happy to breakeven with the 1-4 certificate which most of us need for a night here or there but again, if you're not going to use it, there is no value.