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Credit Cards CSR Travel Credit - Monitor UR Points on Refunds

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Tennen, Feb 22, 2020.

  1. Tennen

    Tennen New Member

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    Lucky, you may or may not have covered this before, but perhaps you can include it in your CSR guide. It's a cautionary tale about refunding travel purchases that received the travel credit.

    If you make a purchase with the CSR annual travel credit and refund it, they also take away the FULL amount of the Ultimate Rewards points.

    You have $150 in travel credit remaining, and you make a $200 airfare purchase.
    As you know, it earns 150 points (3x $50) because $50 is the "real" amount that's not covered by the travel credit. You cancel within 24 hours, so the charge is refunded. Chase claws back 600 points (3x $200). :mad:

    You get nowhere on the phone, so you spend time back and forth through the secure message system to sort it out. Annoying as hell.

    IIRC, this all started because they were too cheap to give full points on the $300... :mad:

    Bottom line - everyone, watch your UR activity to make sure that they don't take away your points!