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Decyphering MQD and skyteam

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by chewwook, Jan 31, 2019.

  1. chewwook

    chewwook New Member

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    I'm trying to understand some of the details of earning for delta on SkyTeam. I used to use the MSP-SEA-HKG route a few times a year, but that ended in October. I need to continue my business there, and want to use SkyTeam. Until the new Korean air route starts from MSP, the routes are about the same duration, and close to same cost, when going West using China eastern (through Shanghai), or east using KLM (through AMS and/or CDG).
    My biggest challenge as a diamond flyer has been getting the MQD. And seeing a chart that has a percentage for MQD, after an explanation that mad are earned on percentage of miles flown, has me perplexed.
    So, for example, if i had to choose between a delta codeshare (most miles on korean, but sold through delta) or a china eastern, that has a delta domestic opening leg, what's the comparison?

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  2. rickyw

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