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Delta One Transcon

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Mikewarren1000, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. Mikewarren1000

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    What a joke!! I know some flights are going to have some problems but this was too much and had to be the worst flight. I feel like Delta is going down hill. I always go with United, especially now with the onoe daily 787-10 meaning I can sit alone. With Delta its 50/50 as far as sitting alone and the 767 is horrible.

    Soooo No wi-fi, it wasnt working. They told us it just "went out". I had run into a passenger who deplaned on the way in from Boston who said it was down the entire flight on the way out .

    IFE in Row 1 and 2 didnt work at all. No sound, NO video. Nothing.

    Jon & Vinny are horrible. I live in LA and 5 minutes from their restaurant, what they are doing for Delta just blows imo. The soup was horrible and the lasagna was average. The rolls were stale

    The AC dripped water on 5 diff occassions, right down onto Seats 1 C & D

    Flight attendents although really nice didnt hold up Coach at all upon deplaning. I am totally not into getting the escort from First past business to leave a plane but it is fairly customary for Coach to be held up so Business/First can leave first.

    And then to to top it all off my bag which was tagged Delta One Priority came out 3rd to LAST

    I dont think I would ever fly Delta One again. I will use them for lax to PDX or SEA sure but i am so upset with my flight to boston. It was as far from Delta One as one could ever imagine.

    Sorry just had to vent. Anyone else find Delta One Transcon going down hill?

    p/s No sundae car like AA or UA. Frozen rock hard ice cream that was so hard I couldnt even eat it
  2. OCTinPHL

    OCTinPHL Active Member

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    Change Delta to AA and you had my flight a month ago and also again last night (wet seat and food issue). And what is the purpose of tagging elite bags if no one cares. But I would fly Delta over AA in a heartbeat if they offered nonstop to the West Coast. Alaska does to 3 cities. But not Delta.
  3. Mikewarren1000

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    I have had luck w AA but I use them Lax to dfw and back and always get on the one 787 daily. Those are my favorite seats of any Us carrier although I have yet to try the new Polaris seats or Delta One. But not including those the 787-9 AA are my fav

    I will use delta for Portland and Seattle only now w the exception of a possible trip to Asia and wanting to try the Suites. I am done w them for TransCon. Their service doesn’t come close to what United offers on that same route and now United has a 787-10 so you can sit alone.

    You should write into AA about your experience. I am in the process of negotiating compensation w Delta now
  4. Clem

    Clem Member

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    The 767 is a disgrace. I *hate* the Delta One seat in there, I'd honestly rather travel in coach. I actually find the 757 much more comfortable, even if it's not all aisle access. At least there's a great modern IFE system and a comfortable seat.
  5. Mikewarren1000

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    I agree that 767 Delta One seat is a joke, i would also take the 757 over it especially if were talking 5-6 hours flight when sleeping isnt an issue and someone right next to you wouldnt be as big of a deal.

    I have just had it with Delta. 3 straight bad flights with this latest one i posted about on this thread just being the final straw

    I want to fly them to Asian to try Delta One Suites but outside of that and using them for lax to PDX and SEA i think I am done.

    the United lax- new york Business is so much better
  6. Mikewarren1000

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    Delta also killed the sundae cart, no more sundaes.. Their rolls were horrible. And cold. I have never had a bad meal on United for the premium transcon lax-ewr

    Delta offered me 25,000 miles for this joke of a flight. guess i will take it, doesnt sound like they are willing to do a refund
  7. Gia

    Gia Well-Known Member

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    And remember that those 767 dinosaurs are the backbone of DL’s long haul fleet......