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DL pushed ticket to AA w/ Fare Info?

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Kevin4444, Aug 25, 2020.

  1. Kevin4444

    Kevin4444 Reader

    Had an interesting experience over the weekend - was scheduled to fly PLS-ATL-LGA on DL, but due to the effects of Hurricane Laura, the PLS airport closed and all flights were canceled. Since AA is the only carrier with daily service to the island, we had Delta push our tickets over to AA due to the IROP.

    As most nerds do, I quickly added my AAdvantage number so I can get miles for the trip (and later request ORC from Delta) and confirmed my flights had been booked in full Y as is the norm when an airline protects you on another carrier.

    What I found especially interesting, was that my new AA reservation had a 001 ticket number, and did not retain the 006 ticket number I originally had with Delta. What was accurate, though, was the fare information paid, and miles posted to my AAdvantage account based on fare. Curious if this is a new development as airline technology gets better and/or maybe tied to when DL/AA reinstated their interline agreement in early 2018.