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Elite Status Do Elite Benefits Transfer to a Spouse's AA Account When Part of an Itinerary?

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by WildeOrton, Dec 31, 2019.

  1. WildeOrton

    WildeOrton Reader


    I have a question regarding the use of loyalty points/miles on an itinerary booked on British Air after transferring necessary points to the account from Membership Rewards. My wife and I both have AA AAdvantage accounts, I am a lifetime Platinum and she has no status. She has an American Express Gold card, and we'd like to transfer points from her Membership Rewards account (I don't have one) to a newly created British Air Avios account. From there, we would use the Avios miles to book domestic American Airlines flights to take advantage of the lower redemption rates. Here's the rub. If the points are transferred into her British Air account, and then the booking is made on American, would my Platinum benefits be conferred upon both of us, as long as I am on the same itinerary? I'm particularly interested in the preferred (free) upgraded seat selections (main cabin extra) and the free checked bags. Is there a work-around on this if booking the flights on her BA account (for AA flights) will not give us both the Platinum benefits? Thank you!