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Elite Status Dr. v Ms. on Quantas flight ---> AA recognizing EXP status on Int'l flights?

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by OCTinPHL, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. OCTinPHL

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    I was just reading the OMAAT post about the "Doctor" (Ph.D.) flipping out about a Quantas FA calling her Ms. (or Miss, I forget) and not Doctor. Personally, I find it ridiculous that anyone other than a medical doctor would choose "Dr." in their profile. I just checked my boarding passes for three international flights and not one had Mr. (or Ms. - or Dr., which I could technically could use) so I checked my AA profile. It is so old (having come over from LUS) that I never chose a Title. Could care less if I am called Mr., by first name, or even Ms. by mistake... just treat me nicely.

    But this post got me thinking about why EXP's are often (hopefully) recognized and thanked for flying AA on domestic flights, but on international flights are never (in my experience) thanked in coach. I flew to Asia last month on a paid J and was treated great on the way over (back not so much). Last week I flew to Toronto on a regional jet with no F and I was the only EXP on the flight (only person boarding in Group 2). The FA actually came back to me in the exit row, thanked me for flying AA, and then asked if I wanted anything to drink or eat before she started the service. Brought me a Diet Coke before starting the cart service, and again offered me my free snack, which I declined. I frankly felt embarrassed as folks were looking at me.... which reminded me of how Cathay Dragon treats OWE's in coach: once on a redeye (4am departure) from PEK to HKG, I was treated again embarrassingly well - offered my choice of meal before anyone else. Served before anyone else in coach. (Apparently was the only OWE in coach on a 321 with J/F, but intra-Asia we had to fly coach.)

    And this past weekend flew to London and back on AA. My SWU cleared to LHR, but not on the way back. On the return no one thanked me (frankly, I knew from past experience they wouldn't) for flying AA as an EXP. When I asked for another glass of wine (did not press the call button - walked to the back to ask nicely) you would have thought I was asking for a free 100k AA miles... eyes rolled, the FA sighed... oh well.

    So, as someone relatively new to OMAAT, I ask "why is this"? In domestic coach (whether because an upgrade did not clear or their is no F) we are thanked for flying, but on international flights in coach are barely, if ever, recognized. Which is not a problem (well, they should not roll eyes at anyone), but why not recognize an EXP?

    Forgive the length... was just amazed at the disparate treatment on flights to Asia, to Toronto with no F, PHL to LHR. Both LAA and LUS crews. Some good, some not.