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Hotels Edition Bodrum - book via Holiday Package Cat 6 before hotel being upgraded to Cat 7

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by HMarc, Jun 2, 2020.

  1. HMarc

    HMarc Reader

    Hi Lucky,

    Hope you're doing fine. I actually was planning to visit Edition Bodrum this month(You had planned the stay in June as well if i remember correctly). I booked the hotel using holiday package(Cat 6) in Feb, right before the hotel being upgraded to Cat 7. Now since the hotel is still not yet open for business due to Corona Virus pandemic, I was asked to rescheduled my stay. I was hoping that I could reschedule the stays till June/2021 but wasn't allow. The best they can do is to reschedule it between Aug and Sept, and if I can't make it at those date, I only left with the option of cancel the booking and use the holiday package for other hotel(since I can't use the package to book the same hotel again as the hotel has been upgrade to Cat 7).

    I was wondering if you make your booking with points and face the same dilemma as me? And if you had good advice on how to deal with this?