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Hotels Elite Benefits for Son

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by ColtsIndy45, Apr 25, 2018.

  1. ColtsIndy45

    ColtsIndy45 Reader

    so I am lifetime platinum with Marriott currently under the old program.

    My son is going overseas to Europe for a week trip with one his friends and I was going to make the reservation for him. So the question is

    Does he still get the platinum benefits, ie, possible upgrade, lounge access, free breakfast of lounge closed?

    What about me getting points for the stays?

    Do I make the reservation in his name? Add him as a second guest on the reservation?

    I understand ymmv but what’s the general feel for it.
  2. David W

    David W Well-Known Member

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    Hotels outside of the US are a bit stricter on terms of the name on the reservation and who actually stays.

    Since most hotels are independently owned with a management agreement for a particular brand, I'd call the hotel ahead of time and see if what you'd like to do is something they can work with you on.