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EU261 Refund & AA Codeshare

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by zmx808, Apr 2, 2020.

  1. zmx808

    zmx808 Reader

    We purchased tickets to Europe in June/July (ORD-HEL then OSL-HEL-ORD) on issued on AA 001 ticket stock with AA codeshare flight numbers but all operated by Finnair...and found out that Finnair cancelled all these flights as part of their Coronavirus traffic plan.

    We called AA to request a refund and were told to fill out a form at only to receive an email today saying our non-refundable tickets could only be credited with vouchers valid for "future travel"

    After calling AA again and informing them of our rights they claimed that EU261 wouldn't apply to them (despite affirming DOT regulations apply) because the flights are operated by Finnair but Finnair said it's AA's responsibility to refund the tickets because they issued them...basically circular finger-pointing.

    We were then told to email Customer Relations to file a complaint because they over the phone and the refund department "can only issue credits for this reservation"

    Is AA or Finnair in the right and how should we best go about collecting a refund for these cancelled flights?