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Award Redemption Europe Trip - 3 Countries, all free with miles and points !

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Andrew F, Apr 21, 2015.

  1. Andrew F

    Andrew F New Member

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    So I had to share this.. and thanks to all the blog postings. Unfortunately I could not get business class all the way, but working on this for future trips. My wife and I will be going traveling from Dallas -Venice-Barcelona-Lisbon. Tickets were booked using AA points 90,000 Points round trip per person, covers 3 countries, including one leg in business class (Total points used : 180,000 points + taxes of $400) - Total of $8,114.20.
    For the hotels, I used hotel miles
    Venice - 5 Star /FREE : Used SPG points and staying at the 6 star Westin Regina on the canal, by leveraging 5 nights promo, I redeemed only 4 nights points (20,000 per night=80,000 points, instead of 100,000 points).If I had to pay it would have cost us 355$ per night (355*3)= $1,065++
    Barcelona 5 Star - FREE /Used Hilton Points . If I had to pay it would have cost us 223$ per night (223*3)= $ 669 + tax
    Lisbon - Used SPG nights and flights . Got 5 nights free and 50,000 points credited to my AA account, redeemed 60,000 SPG points. What a deal ! If I had to pay it would have cost us $ 170 per night (170*4)=$980 + tax.
    The 50,000 points credited to my AA account is worth an $800 flight or in essence I used only 130,000 points for a round trip to 3 countries.
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  2. Lucky

    Lucky One Mile At A Time

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    So thrilled to hear this, Andrew -- thanks for sharing! Hope you have a fantastic trip, and here's to many other equally awesome trips.