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Flagship Dining

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Mikewarren1000, Jul 2, 2019.

  1. Mikewarren1000

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    Anyone know why AA doesnt allow everyone in the lounge to go have a sit down meal in the dining room? Or at least the Business class folks.. With Polaris if you're in the lounge you can go to the dining room.

    Maybe at DFW or ORD it gets crowded so they need to have some crowd control for the dining room. I just flew to Miami and wasnt allowed into an EMPTY dining room. I saw 3 total ppl inside no joke..

    I flew the Flagship 77W on purpose but i was in Business so I couldnt get into the lounge. At LAX with all TB lounges that the One World Airlines have there I would think those passengers dont even venture to Terminal 4 for the Flagship Lounge. That would mean the only people with access are those on a 77W. I believe Nartia is a 787 so that means its the HKG flight in the morning. Both Sydney and Melbourne are a 787 so again no first class. So the flight to Hong Kong and the 8 or so daily JFK flights and thats it. No wonder there were 3 total ppl inside the entire 2 hours i was there.
  2. OCTinPHL

    OCTinPHL Active Member

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  3. Mikewarren1000

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    Maybe @ Dallas or Chicago the rule is good as you would have First customers on Qantas where there isnt a lounge for Qantas. I guess at LAX it was so dead b/c why would a Qantas, Emirates or Cathay customer walk to T4 if they have all those lounges in Bradley.. Unless you are on a flight to JFK or the 77W you arent getting into the lounge.. Just seems a bit overkill to me. I like how United Polaris does it
  4. Benjamin_N

    Benjamin_N New Member

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    It's exclusivity. If you want FD, you buy or mileage a FC ticket. Period.

    It works for me, as it makes the experience far less crowded than the rest of the Flagship lounge. I'm tired of paying a true premium with airlines and not getting treated accordingly. With this particular AA product, I am.

    It's a lot like AC and their Signature Suite product at YYZ. You must be on a paid J ticket, no mileage awards or status allowed. It makes for a much more calm lounge and overall experience.
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