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Industry News / Opinions Flying today with Covid-19

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Robert Crim, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. Robert Crim

    Robert Crim New Member

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    Hi Lucky,

    I am a road warrior who is forced to still be flying. I would be happy to report on what domestic flying is like now on American Airlines. I see on many of your posts people talking about reduction of service on flights domestically and abroad which I find very myopic at this point. American is doing an amazing job and needs to be recognized for their efforts. I actually had a call from an admin of Doug Parker asking me what routes were important to me as they noticed i was still flying and wanted to create schedules that accommodated their essential flyers. That is what I would consider to be amazing customer service. The FAs that I speak with are scared, not about the virus but about their company and job security. I am so disappointed in your readers who are bemoaning the lack of service in premium cabins as a result of this virus. I can tell you as someone who has taken transcons on American thus far that there is amazing service in the sense of caring for the safety of passengers, catering is compromised as it should be, I am using American to fly safely not to be wined and dined. I have had flight attendants wipe down all areas around my seat before seating me which I consider to be above and beyond. Lastly, as someone who has a robust International schedule as well, I feel all borders should be shut down, this virus spread due to unbridled airline service around the world. We need to shut our borders and control this situation. I would recommend no International service until we see a vaccine which is 12 to 18 months off. My offer stands if you and your readers are interested in what it is like to fly now. I can assure you that what I am experiencing will be the new normal for air travel until there is a vaccine. Thank you, I truly enjoy your website, but I feel it is time for everyone to get real about what is happening now and what portends for the future.
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  2. rickyw

    rickyw Well-Known Member

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    Hi Robert, please feel free to share your story on here! While it may not make it on the homepage of Ben's blog, I think you'd be surprised how many people read this forum.
  3. RTBones

    RTBones Active Member

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    I'll second Rickyw - and add that I will ask that you please do share here. It will get read. Former EXP, current PLT, and million miler with AA who is currently not flying (like many here). I think we could all do with a better sense of what it is like for fliers and crews alike right now.

    Stay safe.