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FlyingBlue "XP" Run

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by OfTheWorld, Dec 1, 2018.

  1. OfTheWorld

    OfTheWorld New Member

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    Hello fellow OMAAT Friends and Flyers! As old Mileage Runs are a thing of the past, those of us with USA AF FlyingBlue must now earn "XP's". As I'm trying to earn 41 more to hit Plat before e/o/yr, I'm wondering if anyone knows of any really superb fares (in J &/or PE) on qualifying SkyTeam carriers. Options would preferably have some connecting flight segments, for departure after Dec.20th (Ret options somewhat open), with the main leg at min 3,500 actual air miles, and the onward shorter leg any length. Departure from MIA (or East Coast positioning), to Europe, So.America, Asia, etc. are all good. Thanks very much for any great ideas!!
  2. No Name

    No Name Well-Known Member

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    Wouldn't a XP point run MIA-ATL-BOG on Delta in J/US First earn you 60 XP?

    6XP for each of the legs to/from ATL
    24XP for each of the legs to/from BOG

    Prices out at $713 on Expedia for a run during a weekend

    Or are you trying to get away for the holidays and the XP are just a nice side affect?
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  3. rickyw

    rickyw Well-Known Member

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  4. Clem

    Clem Member

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    Another not too bad option is to sign up for the new Bank of America Flying Blue credit card, which grants 60XP upon approval and its annual fee is only $89, so it would be a really cheap and easy way for you to get those XP (and it'll give you extra for next year's requalification). That's assuming you're a US resident of course.
  5. OfTheWorld

    OfTheWorld New Member

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    Good Afternoon to NoName, Ricky, and Clem,
    Thank you, to each of you, for your superb suggestions. In fact, the choice only becomes more difficult... in trying to choose! And while I've got a minute on the soapbox here for the moment, I need to add that it is superb to have a great place (Thanks, Lucky) to share advice and experiences, versus to hear those few who seem to critique with occasional negativity here. So while doing 250K+ miles per year, it's made even better coupled with daily cool additions from our OMAAT Blogmasters, and fine fellow contributors like each of you!
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