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Frankfurt FCT or Zurich First Lounge?

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by ar19, May 14, 2019 at 11:16 AM.

  1. ar19

    ar19 Reader

    I'll be traveling in June and have the option to fly Lufthansa First either FRA - BOS or ZRH - MUC/FRA - BOS for the first time. What do people think is the better departure lounge? Do F passengers get car service in ZRH or MUC like they do with FRA? Any thoughts appreciated.
  2. Ben Holz

    Ben Holz Member

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    Tough choice! Haven’t personally visited the FCT or LX F lounge (only MUCs F lounges, which pale in comparisson to these two). It is to my understanding that (in MUC) you will only be driven to your plane if it departs from a remote stand.

    Do note that Swiss is very stingy with first class lounge access, I am not sure if a ZRH-FRA-BOS would guarantee you access to their F lounge. Any chance you could make FRA-ZRH-BOS work? That way you should be able to access both.

    That being said I would go for the FCT over the LX F lounge, mainly for the novelty of skipping the “normal” terminal and to guarantee being driven to the plane. But that is my subjective opinion and I am sure you can’t go wrong
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  3. Wesley C

    Wesley C Member

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    Ooo Tough one indeed. My take would be that it depends on your layover time. I have been to FCT (for 6 hr layover in FRA) and it was pretty impressive with the food/work space/shower/bath/chauffeur! I haven't been to LX, but I would definitely check out the day room with the view of airplanes!
  4. Gaurav

    Gaurav Well-Known Member

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    As people have said, you can't really go wrong, they both sound great. I'd read up on reviews of both and see what features grab your fancy.
  5. ar92

    ar92 New Member

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    My understanding is that Swiss First Zurich lounge access is granted if someone has a same-day departing flight on Lufthansa F. (which I would have from MUC/FRA to BOS). Is this correct/incorrect?