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Destinations / Itineraries Hamad airside to landside transfer

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by SAAdFlyer, Jul 18, 2018.

  1. SAAdFlyer

    SAAdFlyer Reader

    Hi guys,

    Tried searching for this topic on OMAAT and FT but couldn't come up with something useful. I have a long (14h) daytime layover at Hamad, and was looking to see if there is a way to visit the QR biz class lounge first and then clear immigration to do a quick trip to the city. Ticket is AA redeemed on QR, and I am an OW Sapphire (Lifetime Plat). Don't think my OW credentials matter at DOH. I know how to do this at LHR and HKG, but surprised that this hasn't come up on the threads before. Thanks for any advice!
  2. SAAdFlyer

    SAAdFlyer Reader

    Hi guys! I've searched this site and the FT threads but unable to find an answer. I have a 14h layover in DOH. Flying on QR in business (AA redemption) and OW lifetime plat. I'd like to first visit the Al-Mourjan biz lounge and then exit to landside and see the city for a bit. Is there a way to do this at HIA? I've done this at LHR and HKG but have not seen anyone discussing this for DOH.
  3. MidSouth Skier

    MidSouth Skier Well-Known Member

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  4. TexasFlyer

    TexasFlyer Member

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    There are some reports QR not allowing redemption tickets any lounge access so set your expectations accordingly. Especially during busy periods at night time. As Oneworld Elite you will have access to some crappy substitute though in any case.
  5. Hamada

    Hamada New Member

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    Yeah that’s possible.
    I did it 2 times last OCT 17 en JAN 18.
    You can go to the the lounge (I even left my hand luggage in the lounge lockers) after you rest you will go down to the main airport hall. From where you can take the elevators to the baggage check area. ( if you cant find it just ask anyone at the customer service desk) Once you’re there you’ll have to go to the most right lane and tell the staff you need to go into the city for a long layover. They will let u go through, take a right and follow the signs to baggag claim/exit. You can exit through the arrivals lounge which has its own immigration lanes. Let me know in case you have any questions.
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