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Haneda Lounge food poisoning when flying Qatar

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by W1230, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. W1230

    W1230 Reader

    To anyone who can help, I have a question which I hope someone can chime in on.

    A few days ago I flew from Tokyo Haneda to Doha on Qatar Airways with a 15 hour layover and then a connecting flight. At Tokyo I went to their contract lounge where I ate some food. I unfortunately got food poisoning from the lounge and on my flight from Tokyo to Doha (which is about 12 hours long), I kept throwing up which started after some turbulence.
    After arriving in Doha I went to a hospital where I got medications and was forced to book a room at the transit hotel at Doha airport, where I stayed until my connecting flight.
    My question is whether I should complain to Qatar Airways or the lounge at Tokyo Haneda as well (which is a contract lounge)? Should I expect compensation? If so, from where and how much? (For the record, i was in business class, incase that should affect my compensation amount).
  2. rickyw

    rickyw Well-Known Member

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    I'd start with the lounge in Tokyo. Good luck!